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The Writing Duels

The Ink and Blood Dueling Society is a world famous, completely secret writing event. It is comprised almost entirely of improvised 10-minute writing duels.

Captain Jim "Blood" co-founded The Ink & Blood Dueling Society, a live writing event with improvised writing duels which almost certainly doesn't exist. There are many names for our events. We also answer to the Secret Society of Writing Duelists, the Writing Duel Society, and the Informal Organization of Dueling Writers. Don't get too excited. This is a secret organization. That means we couldn't possibly update you with all the information you need.

This page couldn't, for example, contain information about upcoming shows and events. You also wouldn't be able to find any information here about previous events. Never heard of us? Perfect. The Ink and Blood Dueling Society's writing duels have never existed. None of this is real. You see nothing. Tell no one.


Previous Shows

- PAX Unplugged 2017

- PAX East 2018

- Countless Underground Shows

PAX Unplugged 2017:
Want to know what happened at The Ink & Blood Dueling Society's show at PAX Unplugged in November of 2017? There's a video of the show on Twitch 2. The winner of the event was Writer D, also known as Will Hindmarch. The other duelists were, sadly, quilled to death.

PAX EAST 2018:
We are proud to extend our congratulations to Mike Selinker on his glorious victory against the other talented duelists at PAX East. His cryptographic vitriol toward the audience was rewarded with adoration. We also wish to extend our condolences to the other talented duelists who were quilled to death at the hands of our merciless captain.

Images from Our Events

One-Year Anniversary Show
July 2014 Photos from FilmGeekBen
- Ink and Blood Halloween Photos