Writer C (deceased)


So many secrets at the same time


He had nothing to do but wait. But waiting was the hardest part. There was no more help to be found from the yelling - only from the silence


“Bleep bloop,” the phone bleep blooped as Twitter was accessed for the thirtieth time that night. You checked your phone more often than you needed to, but you knew that. You knew that you had more regrets locked in that phone, but your sister was supposed to have called you by now. Days ago. You had nothing but regrets, again.


The blade of grass was perfecto, which is Spanish for perfect. Emily could spend years using simple Spanish words to talk about that one damn blade of grass. But! Instead! She was murdered. We’ll get back to that.


“Bleep Bloop” went the Super Mario machine as it spewed forth its propaganda nonsense. Sarah knew better than to listen to it. She and Emily had sung their songs together over that blasted machine, but now, their songs were gone.

Sarah took a long drag on her nicotine-free cigarette and let her giant sword fall to the ground as she looked over the crime scene.

Emily had been a poor billionaire, but she was now, like, everywhere, man. Totally blown apart, Space Jam style. Whatever that means. This was truly the Unquiet Time.


You’re done with your phone. You haven’t heard anything from your sister Emily, nor her friend(?), lover(?), astromech counterpart(?) Sarah. You know that Sarah was a beat-cop investigator, but that was pretty irrelevant to your point of view now. Why would that come up? Probably irrelevant.


“Eek’blacque” read the sign above the entrance to Macho Man Randy Savage’s home. Sarah couldn’t parse that for the life of her; but then, we weren’t here to talk about life, are we?

Sarah glanced at the terrible, broken world before her. The far-distant world was unlike our own - it was the year 2017, and things were so bad that Donald Trump was President. Can you imagine? Truly awful. Unimaginable.

Distopian as FUCK. So much that spelling had gone right out the window.


The world was broken, but you were at Disneyworld. What happened? Who knows…