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Writer B (deceased)

Writer B (deceased)

The Crowd's Words: HOW WAS YOU

It was a snowy night and I felt bad. Pretty bad. Like something was missing. Suprised, I turned to my left to see a man. A large man. A cool man. A man dressed as Kevin Spacey, but with tentacles? Mom would not have approved. And the Kevin Spacey man left as quickly as he entered. I put on my trenchcoat and quickened my step.

The sky was as dark as the Barrens. And then it was sunny. Weird. I walked through the snow, reminding myself of the Ironforge. I hope people wanted more World of Warcraft.

The bros had spoken, and the snowdogs appeared. A cool dwarf was incharge of the snowdogs, and it was pretty sweet. Also sweaty. We all had fur, and we didn’t know anything about Pandas and Blood Elves.

Anyway, I was trying to get home, but it wasn’t about the tenticle man or the cool dwarf or the snowdogs (who were great BTW). They were great dogs. Anyway, I hated the two men I saw today. It was a bummer. I wish they hadn’t been born. Those snowdogs had no gender.

So I finally arrived home and had a popsicle. Cherry, man. So good.

I called my lady friend and we talked about disliking cherry popsicles but how much we loved ALIENWARE PCs and poptarts. And then maybe we didn’t like Alienware? We were talking about a lot of important things. Like how ties were over, man. Who wore tires around these days.

The music and the moment

The overwhelming death of an uncool friend.

The dogs lived motherfuckers

And suddenly I was in Tek Wars. Remember that book series and tv show? Weird as fuck.

Tentacles came back and that felt like unnecessary; Nick Cage appeared. He looked pretty cool. No trenchcoat, though. Wait, was he a werewolf? Am I a werewolf?

Oh fuck, C’Thulhu showed up. And he had popsicles and snowdogs. Orange popsicles and CThulhu gave me a ride home.

Anyway, that was my 37th birthday. Pretty average. How was you